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About me

About me

As a kid I already was fascinated by the stars planets and galaxies. Me and my dad built my first telescope when I was 10 years. It was a 50mm refractor. I could see the craters on the moon the rings of Saturn and the moons of Jupiter.

At that point I didn’t understand why I couldn’t see the beautiful pictures of galaxies that I saw in all the books that I was collecting. Nevertheless  my hobby was absolutely the coolest thing in the world.


Fascinated by Newton and his telescopes I grinded my first 15cm mirror when I was 14 years of age. We build a 15cm f/10 Newtonian and that telescope really was something. Jupiter’s clouds, Halley’s comet and several Messier objects were clearly visible.

Meantime life took its coarse and other thing started to become important to me as well. However I never let go of the Stars, Nebulas, Galaxies and the planets.


Now decades later I have made my passion my job. I am able to take the pictures that blew me away when I was 14 and I am grinding high performance mirrors that enable telescopes that make it all happen.


Welcome to Pharos Optics.

My First Newtonian 1980_edited.jpg
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