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Premium primary mirrors

Premium primary mirrors

All PHAROS optics primary mirrors are custom made. A low focal ratio in combination with an excellent surface roughness, makes these products especially suitable for HDR astrographs and high contrast telescopes.

The coating comprises highly reflective aluminum (> 96%) protected by SiO2.  An extra scratch-protection layer, that allows easy cleaning, is optional.


Every mirror, including the thickness, is uniquely tuned to its application and customer specification and will be delived including  an extensive quality report. Supported are focal ratios between f/3.5 and f/5.

Prices: on request



10" (255 mm)            

12" (305 mm)          

14" (355mm)            

16" (410 mm)            

20" (510 mm)          

22" (550 mm)          

24" (610 mm)          

25" (635 mm)           

28" (710 mm)          

Lower than f/3.5? Please ask! Various thicknesses available. 

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