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  • Do I receive a testreport with a mirror?

Yes, you receive pictures of the Ronchi test  and an interferometer test report.

  • What mirror coating is being used ?

The mirrors have a high reflective aluminum layer in combination with a SiO protective top coating. An additional scratch protection layer is optional.

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  • Can you supply mirrors that are not shown in the overview?

Yes, off course tailor made solutions are always possible. Please contact Pharos Optics for details.

  • What is the largest size mirror you can deliver?

Pharos Optics can supply sizes up to 71cm (28"). 

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  • ​​How is the mirror being shipped?

The mirror is insured and shipped using protective packing material. You will receive a Track and Trace code.

  • Which carrier will be used for the shipment?

It depends on the size and weight of the mirror. The bigger and more heavy mirrors have different shipping requirements than the smaller mirrors. The carrier will be selected accordingly.

  • Can I pick up my mirror in person?

No you can not pick up your mirror in person.

  • To which countries do you ship?

The mirrors are shipped to all EU countries. Please contact  Pharos Optics for shipments outside the EU.

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  • Do you have a showroom and can I visit it?

No there is no showroom you can visit.

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